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iPhone 6S - Do You Need a New Case?

In a sea of cases does your iPhone 6S still fit?

There's a new iPhone on the scene. And since it's an S model it looks exactly like last years iPhone. However if you look closely there have been some slight changes. According to Apples specifications the phone is now a tenth of a millimeter wider and two tenths taller and thicker. Those slight differences won't mean much on most cases but in some situations it can create problems. 

For rubber TPU style cases the size differences won't be an issue.  They give enough to allow for the extra size and generally speaking fit the iPhone 6S just as well as they fit they iPhone 6.  With the OtterBox Symmetry the size difference is slightly noticeable. I was surprised at how much more difficult it was to remove the case.

Urban Armor Gear is still my go to iPhone case recommendation and it fits the iPhone 6S perfectly.  Speaking of UAG they have some new colors for the iPhone 6s available now. I have one on order and will be doing an updated review video shortly. If you're a fan of UAG definitely click subscribe and stay tuned for that.  I'll link it here once the review is live. The folio version of this case still fits great as well. If you're looking to make your phone almost indestructible click the i above to check out my review of this case where I launch my phone 15'-20' in the air to concrete from a catapult.  It's definitely a very rugged case. 

The BeeLine case was already incredibly tight on the iPhone 6 to keep it from popping out when dropped. It's even worse here and removing your iPhone is extremely difficult. I contacted Beeline cases and they said they haven't had this issue and the 6S works fine in their cases. I'm not exaggerating how difficult this case is to remove and I wasn't comfortable with the amount of force necessary to pry my phone from the case. Based on my experience I wouldn't recommend this case for the iPhone 6s.

The LifeProof Nuud is the one I was most concerned about not fitting. The tolerances are so tight that any additional size could easily create a problem. However the case snaps together well and the minimal size difference probably just causes the phone to press harder against the gasket and form a better seal.  The true test is seeing if it can still keep water out. When water testing a case the main thing you don't want to see is bubbles as the case is under water.  The LifeProof Nuud is still definitely waterproof and the couple of water droplets you see on the back of the phone were from the outside of the case or my hands and can be disregarded.  Since LifeProof says that new cases for the iPhone 6S are coming soon I wouldn't recommend you purchase this case. If you already own it however and don't want to drop another $90 on a waterproof case then you'll probably be ok. 

The Dog and Bone case, because of its wetsuit design, has a little more room for the new iPhone and still fits great. I recently used this case with my iPhone 6S on the lake canoeing for a couple of days because of its ability to attach a wrist strap. I'll definitely continue using this case for wet, harsh environments without hesitation.

In most situations the extra size difference isn't going to matter. However I'd recommend you refer to the manufacturer website to be certain. As for me, I'm going to continue using all the same cases I used for the iPhone 6. If you have any questions I didn't cover feel free to leave those in the comments and I'll get back to you.

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