Urban Armor Gear for iPhone 6 Review

I've always been a very practical person. When given the choice of form or function I'll almost always choose function.  But what if you didn't have to choose?  Sometimes a product comes along that figures out how to give you the best of both worlds. This is the Urban Armor Gear case for iPhone 6. UAG was kind enough to send me this case for review, and in the two weeks that I've used it I've been very impressed. 


Review - LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 6

Snow Proof?  Check!

LifeProof is definitely the go-to case when it comes to waterproofing your iPhone.  They offer outstanding protection for your mobile devices without the bulk you might expect from other products.  This is the long awaited LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 6.  In this review we'll put this case through it's paces and see if it lives up to the LifeProof name.


Review - Smartphone Bike Mount

With all the workout apps there are in the App Store and Play Store, it's common place to take your smartphone with you while out on a bike ride. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to secure your smartphone to your handlebars then look no further. This is the U-Grip Plus Universal Smartphone Bike Mount by Aduro. If you saw my review of the U-Grip Plus Suction Cup Mount, this mount shares a lot of the same components. I'm a huge fan of the suction cup mount and Aduro was kind enough to send me this mount for review to see if performs as well. The main difference is this mount has red rubber webbing that holds your smartphone by the corners to provide extra security while driving your bike.