iPhone 6S - What Jumps Out

There's a new iPhone on the scene and because it's an S series it looks exactly like last year's iPhone.  However, Apple's tagline this time around is "the only thing that's changed is everything".  And in some sense that's true.  There's new aluminum here that's the same 7000 series aluminum that's used in the Apple Watch.  It's stronger and should prevent "bendgate" issues.  The glass on the front is also new as well and should be more resilient.  In addition to that the phone is one tenth of a millimeter wider, two tenths taller, and two tenths thicker.  Most of those specifications you're not going to notice.  The one you will notice is the weight.  Because of the extra sensors for 3D Touch the phone is 14 grams heavier, and that's a welcome change.  To get an idea of exactly how heavier 14 grams is, it's about the same as 14 M&M's.


iPhone 6S - Do You Need a New Case?

In a sea of cases does your iPhone 6S still fit?

There's a new iPhone on the scene. And since it's an S model it looks exactly like last years iPhone. However if you look closely there have been some slight changes. According to Apples specifications the phone is now a tenth of a millimeter wider and two tenths taller and thicker. Those slight differences won't mean much on most cases but in some situations it can create problems. 


Switch Magnetic Interchangeable Sunglasses Review

It's incredibly helpful to have sunglasses specifically designed for an activity.  The problem is keeping up with all the different pairs of glasses and the cost.  That's a problem that Switch is here to solve.  Switch Vision offers the world's first magnetically interchangeable lenses.  In this review we'll see if Switch was able to execute this idea in such a way to make lens swapping a good experience.