Kraus KPF-1650SS Faucet Review

If you're shopping for a faucet you've probably seen all the negative reviews talking about cheap components that fail and flood your kitchen. This is the only faucet I could find that didn't have a one or two star negative review on Amazon. I think that's because of the quality components that are used as well as the much more simple design. For instance this hose that stays above the counter is a much better design than hoses that go down into the counter. It eliminates wear and tear and is much easier to use.

This is the kpf-1650 in stainless steel by Kraus. In this review we'll cover the features of this faucet that make it a worthy addition to your kitchen.


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Review for iPad Air 2

You're probably familiar with the saying "you get what you pay for". That was the conclusion of my LG washer and dryer review. If you're willing to pay for a premium product then you get the benefits of a premium product. However, I'm a huge fan of companies that figure out how to offer premium products at disruptive prices that make us reconsider why we were ever paying such a high price to begin with. That's exactly what I've found with this iPad Air 2 case by Supcase. In this review we'll cover the features that make this case just as good as the competition while costing about a third of the price. 


Rhinoshield CrashGuard Review for iPhone 6/6S

One of the things that Apple is most well known for is their design. They painstakingly go over all the tiny details to create some of the most beautiful products in the world. With this in mind, it doesn't make a lot of sense that you would cover your gorgeous iPhone with a bulky case. Evolutive Labs would tend to agree with you. That's one of the primary reasons that they created the CrashGuard bumper. It provides more than average drop protection while still allowing you to see the entire back of the iPhone. Evolutive Labs was kind enough to send me this CrashGuard bumper as well as their Rhinoshield Impact screen protector for review and in this review we'll see if the CrashGuard can live up to rigors of daily life while still allowing you to showcase the beautiful design of your iPhone.