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PlayProof Review for iPhone 7 (With Drop Test!)

The PlayProof case for iPhone fits so well that it feels like it’s part of your phone. If Apple made an iPhone 7C this is what it would feel like. And because of their custom formulated polymer and honeycomb interior, even though the case is incredibly thin and light, it’s still on par with other large rugged cases in terms of drop protection. This is the PlayProof case for iPhone 7. Evolutive Labs was kind enough to send me these two cases for review, along with their Rhinoshield screen protector, and in this review we’ll cover the aspects that make this one of my top picks for an iPhone case.

Evolutive Labs is quick to point out that the PlayProof isn’t made from TPU commonly found in other cases.  It’s made from their own custom blend of polymers that help to better spread the shock from impact.  Also, the honeycomb inner lining provides lots of little air pockets that act as air bags for your iPhone.  The case only adds a couple of millimeters to your phone and feels really great in your hand.  It has a slightly raised edge that will help protect your screen from face first drops.  The lightning cutout is generously sized and the buttons are ok but a little harder to press than I’d like.  The mute switch is also more difficult to access than I’d prefer but it’s not a deal breaker. The cases have a matte finish that some will find too slippery. I personally don't mind it because it helps the phone slide in and out of your pocket easily. It comes in either a solid color for $25 or a custom print for $30.  There are many custom prints for all styles and tastes.  I chose these two retro patterns that feature the Rhinoshield logo.  

Speaking of Rhinoshield, if you’re not familiar with the Rhinoshield Impact screen protector, click here to see Lew at Unbox Therapy repeatedly hit an iPhone that’s protected with this screen protector with a hammer.  It’s pretty amazing.  The screen protector is plastic which means it will scratch easier than your iPhone screen alone and also shows fingerprints more than some will like. But the main job of a screen protector is to keep your phone screen from shattering and this one does that better than anything else out there. It’s the main reason I was able to fearlessly drop my phone to concrete repeatedly for this review.

With this amount of protection in such a slim package paired with an almost shatterproof screen protector, you'd think this is the perfect case combo. However there's one design flaw that will be a deal breaker for some. The hard shell and soft inner lining will separate over time. This is aggravated more so if you remove the case on a somewhat frequent basis. It doesn’t appear to affect how the case protects your phone but it will make the case difficult to reinstall. Evolutive Labs is quick to point out that installing your phone improperly will damage the case more quickly. But even if you follow the install instructions perfectly, like I have, you’re still going to experience separation of the materials eventually. If you’re familiar with the original PlayProof case then you’ll be glad to know that the material has been improved on this generation. I’ve been using this case for several months now to see if this issue has been resolved and although it has been greatly improved the issue does still persist. The cases come with a lifetime warranty though and Evolutive Labs said they would replace any cases that experience separation. And if you’re like most people and don’t switch cases frequently you’ll most likely never have a problem.

PlayProof really is in a league of its own. It’s one of the thinnest cases you can buy but protects your phone like it’s a thick, rugged case.  Especially when paired with the RhinoShield impact screen protector. I’ve tested this model with my iPhone 7, but because the dimensions of the iPhone 8 barely changed it’s compatible with that phone as well. If you have any questions that I didn’t cover, feel free to leave those in the comments.

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