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LifeProof Nuud Plus Alpha Glass

One of the questions I've received most on my LifeProof Nuud reviews is “Can you use it with a screen protector?”  That seems a little odd since the whole point of the Nuud case is to make your phone water resistant while allowing direct access to the touch screen. But people really like screen protectors. Better yet, they really like tempered glass screen protectors. It's not that all LifeProof Nuud customers don't want a screen protector, it's just that they don't want the plastic one that's built into the LifeProof Fre. For those customers LifeProof has made this. This is the LifeProof Nuud plus Alpha Glass for iPhone 7.  This came out just two days after I published my indepth review of the LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 7. LifeProof was kind enough to send this to me for a quick update video to make everyone aware that this highly requested option is now available.

The Alpha glass is custom made by LifeProof exclusively for this case. That means that it covers all the exposed glass without interfering with the water blocking gaskets. This also means if you take your phone out of the Nuud to use it with a different case not only will it not protect the top and bottom bezels of your iPhone, but it's just gonna look weird.
The screen protector feels great to the touch and I haven't noticed any sensitivity loss or distortion. It is barely just as wide as the screen so be really careful when lining it up and definitely only install this when your iPhone is in the Nuud case. It would have been nice if LifeProof would have made this just a few millimeters wider. They came closer to the edge of the case at the top and bottom so I'm not sure why they didn't do that on the sides as well.
I've been very impressed with how well the Alpha Glass handles smudges, but only time will tell if the smudge resistant coating will last.

If you like the Nuud case but hate the idea of your screen being exposed then this is the case combo for you. It retails for $140 which is $40 more than the case alone. This is the best Nuud case that LifeProof has ever made, and now with a custom glass screen protector it just got even better.  If you have any questions I didn't cover leave those in the comments, and thanks for visiting.

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