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ecobee4 Review with Built-in Alexa

What happens when you combine the most popular smart thermostat with the most popular voice assistant?  You get the ecobee4 with built-in Alexa. This is the ecobee4 with Alexa.  Ecobee was kind enough to send me this thermostat for review, and in this review we’ll show you what makes it the industry leader in an increasingly crowded thermostat market.
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UAG iPhone X Review

For years UAG has been my go to case recommendation. They provide a ton of protection while not adding a lot of bulk and have a great tactical look that’s popular with many. UAG was kind enough to send me these cases for review and in this review we’ll look at the four most popular models to help you decide if it’s the right case to protect your iPhone X. We’ll dive into the specifics of each case that make them unique in a moment but first let’s look at the UAG defining characteristics that all these cases share. UAG cases are mil spec rated meaning they can withstand repeated drops from four feet to all sides of the case. This is largely due to the corner skid pads. The corners of the cases are bulked up to absorb impact without making the entire case bulky. Statistically if you drop your phone it’s going to hit a corner first and these corner skid pads do a great job of transferring that energy through the case and not into your phone. In addition to the skid p

PlayProof Review for iPhone 7 (With Drop Test!)

The PlayProof case for iPhone fits so well that it feels like it’s part of your phone. If Apple made an iPhone 7C this is what it would feel like. And because of their custom formulated polymer and honeycomb interior, even though the case is incredibly thin and light, it’s still on par with other large rugged cases in terms of drop protection. This is the PlayProof case for iPhone 7. Evolutive Labs was kind enough to send me these two cases for review, along with their Rhinoshield screen protector, and in this review we’ll cover the aspects that make this one of my top picks for an iPhone case.

LifeProof Nuud Plus Alpha Glass

One of the questions I've received most on my LifeProof Nuud reviews is “Can you use it with a screen protector?”  That seems a little odd since the whole point of the Nuud case is to make your phone water resistant while allowing direct access to the touch screen. But people really like screen protectors. Better yet, they really like tempered glass screen protectors. It's not that all LifeProof Nuud customers don't want a screen protector, it's just that they don't want the plastic one that's built into the LifeProof Fre. For those customers LifeProof has made this. This is the LifeProof Nuud plus Alpha Glass for iPhone 7.  This came out just two days after I published my indepth review of the LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 7. LifeProof was kind enough to send this to me for a quick update video to make everyone aware that this highly requested option is now available.

Haiku Premier Smart Light Review

Smart lighting is a lot like smart thermostats . It's a great entry level way to add additional intelligence to your home. And this Premier LED light by Haiku is one of the smartest you can buy. Haiku was kind enough to send me this light for review, and in this review we'll go over its features to help you decide if this is the right smart light for your home.

LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 7 Review

Despite the strong competition, LifeProof is still the go to case for rugged everyday waterproof protection. This latest iteration of the LifeProof Nuud has been completely redesigned for the iPhone 7 and improved upon in almost every way.  People turn to LifeProof for ultimate protection because they're drop proof, dirt proof, snow proof, and most importantly water proof. This is the LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 7. LifeProof was kind enough to send me these cases for review, and in this review we'll put them through their paces to make sure they live up to the LifeProof name. Now I know what you're thinking “the iPhone 7 is water resistant.  Why would I buy a water resistant case?”  However, if the iPhone’s water resistance fails and the iPhone is water damaged for any reason, it's not covered under Apple's warranty. If you're constantly in an environment where your phone might come in contact with water, having this extra protection is a really go

ProShot Extreme Waterproof Case for iPhone

There are two types of iPhone waterproof cases.  There’s cases that protect against accidental spills and semi-wet environments, and then there’s cases that allow you to do this... This is the ProShot case for iPhone and quite honestly it's the case I've been looking for since I got my first iPhone five years ago. ProShot was kind enough to send me these cases for review, and in this review we'll put them through their paces to show you why this is the only case you should trust to take your iPhone out on the open water.

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